Essential Vim Plugins

As a designer and front-end developer I’ve found these plugins to be quite wonderful for editing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. While I’m comfortable running stock vim, I prefer to have these plugins installed as a part of my setup.

I do not have a strong preference between pathogen and vundle for package management. I have used both - but am currently using Vundle> The thing I like about it the most is that it always works and I’ve never had to think about my plugin package manager.


The List

My most invaluable plugin. Speeds up my ability to search for strings in both code and filenames then step through results from my query.

Vim indexes your text-editing history in extremely powerful ways. But a tree of changes with many branches can be a tough thing to visualize in your head. This plugin exposes just how powerful vim’s history is.

Fuzzy find files quickly and easily

Fugitive is a wrapper for git commands. It allows you to have a more efficient git workflow without ever leaving the comforts of vim.

Save custom snippets on a per file-type basis. Modeled after snippets in textmate.

Syntax highlighting for new HTML5 elements.

Syntax highlighting for css3

Syntax highlighting for javascript


I don’t currently use this - but a lot of people love it.

Advanced Reading

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