Computational designer and generative artist.

I help teams and companies create more designs than anyone knows what to do with.

In the past I've helped design and build products at OPower, Stitch Fix, Salesforce, BlueBottle, The Grid, Compositor, Cloudflare, Publicis Sapient, Components AI, and more.

Based in Los Angeles

Pen Plots

Over the last few years I've been experimenting with using a pen plotter to draw SVG output from generative programs. While you can generate thousands of designs in the blink of an eye, a pen plotter can only go so quickly.

Most SVGs are generated using JavaScript, Go, or Python and optimized with VPype. I Interface to the Axidraw through Inkscape and the Axidraw CLI. For pens, I most often use Lamy Safari EF, Micron 01 and 005, or Staedtler pigment liner 0.1. Ink: Mont Blanc, Iroshizuku, or Diamine. You can read about my setup and process here.

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I enjoy exploring what's possible with material shaders and procedural animations. Primarily in Blender.

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