I'm Adam Morse, a computational designer and generative artist based in Toronto. I'm currently the co-founder of Components AI, a startup working on new types of generative design tools.

In the past I've helped design and build product at OPower, Stitch Fix, Salesforce, The Grid, and Cloudflare.

Pen Plots

Generative SVG pieces are plotted with an Axidraw SE/A3 through Inkscape and the Axidraw CLI. For pens, I most often use Lamy Safari EF, Micron 01 and 005, Staedtler pigment liner 0.1. Ink: Mont Blanc, Iroshizuku, Diamine.



Recently I've been experimenting with material shaders and procedural animations. It is an attempt to make combinations of form and motion that relax me.


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Other work

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